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When You Have Possums:

  • They won't go away on their own: Possums are in your roof to live
  • It's inhumane and illegal to just move them away: plus it doesn't solve your problem
  • Possums have very strong teeth and claws, unless the entry point is block properly, they'll get back in

Now that You're Paying Attention, it's Time to Talk About the Problem...

You have something moving around in your roof space and it's either keeping you awake or you're worried it's going to cause damage...... Right

​There's usually two possibilities, Possums or Rats. What can you do to get your sleep back?

You may have even heard people say that you can just trap possums and take them somewhere far away......... Wrong, you can't!

You also may have heard people say that you can use Mothballs or Brightlights and Loud Music...... Good Luck!

“After 10 years and thousands of possums, the only way to stop possums interfearing with your sleep is to find the entry points and block them up permenantly”

Any other alternative will end up with the possum getting back in and you'll be back where you started, frustrated and sleepless once again.

When you use Us, you can have peace of mind knowing you'll get:

Thorough and Complete Inspection

We will determine exactly what is causing the noises and Identify how they gain access to your roof (and anywhere else they're likey to get in when we block of the main entry point)

Quick Humane Possum Removal

Our system of getting possums out means that no harm comes to them or your property during the removal process. (Usually over night)

Guaranteed Possum Proofing

When the possums are out and we block off the entry points, we guarantee that they won't get back in.

"Very Thorough and Professional....."

"Very thorough and professional. They came back three times to ensure the possums were gone. They also checked a week later to ensure they were still out. They stuck by their quote which was very competitive even though there was extra travel time. I would gladlly recommend their service."

- Ian (retired builder)

What happens if possums are left stay in your roof?

"The longer a possum is in your roof the harder it is to keep it out."

Possums are in your roof to sleep. They go out at night and come in of a morning. Usually settling in a place close to your head as you sleep. (or you would think so anyway) The longer they stay in your roof the more they make it their home.

They chew away any rough edges that make it uncomfortable when coming and going. They mark their territory with their own scent and urine and of course they poo everywhere. Over time they flatten out all the insulation, making it useless and can even ware a hole in the area where they sleep, making it very costly!

Why use Us to do your possum removal:

Expert Knowledge and Experience

"We've seen thousands of roof spaces where possums access."

Finding the way possums get in is often straight forward but when it's not you need to know that some can find it for you. Unless you've dealt with a lot of possums you will never know where to look or what process to use to find the hole.

Best Possible Price Guaranteed 

We have a NO BS policy. I know some people will charge you to come and trap a possum and then add extras to possum proof and then not give you any guarantee. 

  • We give you a price to do the job and all jobs come with a guarantee
  • If you want someone to do dodgy work or something illegal then don't contact us

Friendly, Prompt Service you 

When we leave your property we will assure you that possums won't get in, unless a tree falls through the roof or some other natural desaster

It's not in our interest to do half a job and it's certainly not in yours. The last thing anyone wants is to have possums get in again after a couple of weeks.

"Wasn't Possum but Rats."

"We had excellent results, with a roof repair and baiting to remove our resident rat from inside the roof. We particularly were impressed with the follow-up calls to ensure all went to plan. Great to get good service!"

- Coleen  (Single Home Owner)

"Thanks for your work and I am truly appreciate"

"I am quite amazed by your professional attitude andKnowledge about wild animals. I am also glad that little guywas rescued unharmed and now we can have peace in mindat night. Thanks for your work and I am truly appreciated."
- Jerry & Connie (It Consultants)

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