I hear noises in the Roof, What could it be?

The variations of sounds you hear in the roof are many. There are usually 2 culprits when it comes to noises in roofs

  1. Possums
  2. Rats or mice

There can be others but these are the most common

How can I tell what it is?

Possums are very habitual, they live in your roof and go out every night to eat. They generally leave after dark sometime and return before dawn. The noises they make range from just heavy thumping and running, to a guttural screech which is used when they feel threatened. Other noises they make are a grunting kind of noise which is another defense mechanism.  [youtube]http://youtu.be/RE3b2q-j73I[/youtube] [youtube]http://youtu.be/GkncjNn-ygE[/youtube]

Rats can be heard most times of the day. They constantly chew and are often heard gnawing away at something and then scurrying away to stop and chew some more. Rats are in roofs to breed, they love the insulation, particularly the rockwool kind. They ball it up to make nests.

Rat in roofs

What Damage can Possums do in the roof?

Possums in the roof can cause major damage to your Possums wreck roof insulation

  • Insulation – get flattened, trampled and rendered useless
  • Ceiling sheeting – holes are often worn in the gyprock ceiling where they sleep
  • Lights- they can push them through your ceiling during chasing and fighting
  • Wiring – this isn’t a regular occurrence however it can happen
  • Walls – stained with urine from the possums






What are rats doing in the roof?

Rats are often found in the roof, particularly in winter but can be year round. They are there to breed and in doing so make a hell of a mess of the insulation. They love the “Rock Wool” type insulation that lays between the rafters in the roof.

rats nests in roofsWhen they make their nests they pull the insulation out into balls and fluff it up into a cocoon type of nesting burrow. Thus generally wrecking the effectiveness of your insulation, therefore costing you money.

Rats Chew

Rats have to chew, their front teeth will grow too long other wise and the rats will not survive, so they chew or gnaw rather at everything and anything. They seem to love electrical fittings in roofs and have been known to chew through cables to the bare wire.Electrical fitting chewed by rats



What can be done about Rats?

Depending on the number of rats and the possible presence of possums in the roof.

The first thing is to ensure there are no possums in the roof.

If you have a lot of rats in the roof then baiting directly in the roof will get rid of them.

If you have small numbers, baiting in stations outside near where they come down for water may be the best solution.

Either way CONTACT US to solve the issue with rats in your roof!

Can Possums Damage Insulation in my Roof?

You bet they can!. It starts out innocent enough but before long your insulation is flattened, your power bill is higher and you don’t know why. To find out more go to …….