February 19, 2013

Melbourne Possums

Damaged caused in roof by possums

Possum Removal

Usually the first inkling you have that there is something in your roof is that you are rudely awakened by the loud noises above your head at around the predawn hours.

This is generally followed by some traipsing around to make sure nothing has moved in to their home while they were out feeding.

When it’s all clear then they will settle down to sleep for the day.

Guess what?

You have a possum that has now claimed your roof as their home and they will stay in their until you decide enough is enough.possum removal melbourne

Then you just need to make up your mind when you are going to do something about getting them out.

Facts about Possums

  1. They are very territorial – which is why it is illegal to relocate them to another part of your neighborhood
  2. All the DIY remedies DON’T work like
    • Leaving a light on in the roof
    • playing loud music
    • placing a plastic owl to scare them away
    • plastic snakes on the balcony railing
    • Mothballs in the roof – can work for a very short time
  3. They have been known to chew through
    • Lead Flashing
    • Chicken wire
    • brand new timber
    • rusted roofing iron
    • coolite suffete
  4. The longer a possum is in the roof the harder it is to get them out.
  5. They breed twice a year and carry their young in the pouch
  6. Over time they leave droppings and urine stains in your roof, flatten out the insulation and chew on any timer that is in the way.

What can you do?

The only proven way of dealing with possums is to seal up the entry points with material they can’t chew back through. Obviously there is different materials for different applications.

The steps are

  1. Locate the entry points
  2. make sure the possum is out
  3. seal the hole permenantly
  4. keep an ear out for noises in the roof.

Things to be careful of

  1. If you are thinking about getting on the roof make sure you wear correct shoes (Dunlop Volleys are good)
  2. Be very careful – roofs are dangerous places and many people have come to grief after falling from a roof
  3. Possums, when cornered can come out fighting (they have long claws and strong jaws). If you confront one, stay calm and let it move away quietly.
  4. If you are using a ladder around the house be very careful of power wires connecting the house.
  5. Tiled roofs have all sorts of hazards from moss growing on them to being old and brittle. Extra care must be taken on tiled roofs.

If you have any concerns at all, call a professional to get up there and find the problem, get the possum out and seal the holes permanently. All you need to do is CONTACT US


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