November 4, 2013

Possums Damage Insulation in Roofs

Possums Flattening Insulation in roof

Possum Damage Insulation in Ceiling of Melbourne Houses

Most houses in Melbourne are insulated.

This is a fairly costly exercise and designed to make heating and cooling more efficient. If that insulation gets damaged it can be almost useless and the costs of heating and cooling your home can creep up and you might not understand why!

The damage caused by possums to the insulation ranges from just minor flattening out to sheets of insulation ripped down from the roof.

Why Possums Damage Insulation?

The most common form of damage is flattening out of the insulation in the area where they sleep. Possums Flattening Insulation in roof

As time goes by it can show up as tracks in the insulation and droppings everywhere.

Even longer it can be urine everywhere, I have seen where the ceiling lining had gone mouldy because the insulation above was soaking wet with urine from possums.

How can you stop this?

Give us a call. We will stop the possums getting back into your roof, we do this by ensuring they are out and then sealing the entry point properly.


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