February 25, 2013

Possums in Roofs

possums in roofs

How do Possums get in Roofs?

Usually you just hear this thundering across your ceiling, this is the first indication you have a possum in the roof.

The ways they get in can vary as much as there are different kinds of houses. Over the years we have see where they get in through

  • loose tiles
  • damaged roofs after storms and floods
  • through old damaged timber
  • lead flashing
  • under metal sheeting

Any opening is a potential entry point for an adventurous possum.possums chew through flashing

If the possum has been in the roof for a long time (3 months or more) then they will be very aggressive when trying to gain entry again.

We have even witnessed home which have not been touched since they were originally built some 15yrs prior, suddenly have a possum invade the ceiling. They just happened to find the opening and in they went.

So not only do you need to know what you are looking for when locating the initial entry point but the ability to identify other weak points which will be the next way in for this persistent possum.

What possums in roofs get up to

Possums are in the roof to sleep during the day. In nature they have a territory in which they forage and live, in this territory will be their hollowed out tree where they sleep. It just so happens that when in suburbia, houses make the perfect home, lets face it would you like to sleep in a tree when you had the option of a nice cosy roof?

So our homes make the ideal nesting site and the slightest opening just inviting possums in roofs of Melbourne houses.





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